Marry Queen Nude Outdoors Soaking Up Sun

Marry Queen is nude outdoors, her wet skin glistening in the sun as she soaks in its powerful radiant rays. She’s doing her best to keep cool in this sunny situation, by spritzing or spraying her toned body with a spray bottle filled with water I imagine. It could also be a clear massage oil, but I’m less inclined to think that way based on spray bottle alone. Oh, in fact I’m even more sure now that I notice she’s using two bottles, one for water and another looks like some Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil.

Marry Queen Nude Tanning and Masturbating Outdoors Spraying Body with Water

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ ALS Angels : .WMV, 20:18, 1.14GB, 1920×1080 HD, 12,750k

She’s wearing designer European sunglasses, fitting for the outdoor setting they’re using, and her blonde hair is tied back with a blue scrunchie. There’s a green hedge of sorts behind her, the blue sky in the far background and the beautiful blonde pornstar Marry Queen in the foreground, masturbating on a beach towel spread out across the grass.

I think this video highlights her thick outer pussy lips, she sort of has a puffy pussy look, especially with Marry Queen nude and shaved like she is in this scene from ALS Angels.

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Marry Queen Only Blowjob Video Clip from DDF Prod

Marry Queen at Only Blowjob giving her best dick sucking rendition, skillfully blowing her boyfriend who appears in damned near all of her video clips, if not all of them. Looks like this couple has a strict rule about this beautiful blonde not being spoiled by fucking all the dicks that the porn industry could throw at her.

Marry Queen Only Blowjob Sucking Dick and Licking Balls in BJ Clip from DDF Prod

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Only Blowjob : .WMV, 17:42, 525MB, 1280×720 HD, 4,000k

Seems like their sex deal is working out for them, as just a bit earlier in this video they were lovingly helping each other pack boxes and organize their move. She was wearing a denim outfit with a skirt, and he was doing his best to get a peek up her skirt as she bent over and tended to some book keeping.

Marry Queen shows and proves that she’s no slouch in the blowjob department, and doesn’t play dodgeball when she gives head. She points his dick skywards and gives his balls some tender loving licking,  even sucking one of his testicles into her mouth at one point.

If you’d like to read more about this site from DDF, read my Only Blowjob review here

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Marry Queen Fingering Asshole in a Bikini

Marry Queen fingering her asshole is the kind of added bonus you can expect from this beautiful girl who isn’t shy to do a bit of anal play. In fact I don’t think they just call her Anal Queen because of her stage name Marry Queen, because truly this girl has some great anal sex scenes too. Most girls with the looks and body that she has wouldn’t dream of doing anal, but it doesn’t seem to bother miss Marry here at all. European? Check. She doesn’t speak much English, if any at all really from what I’ve seen. The basics, at most.

Photos courtesy of the great teen site from Europe called Young Busty.

Marry Queen Bikini

Marry Queen stands in a pair of white high heels in a hot two piece bikini.

Marry Queen Big Breasts

Marry Queen pulls her striped bikini top down and shows us her big breasts, DD I believe.

Marry Queen No Top

Marry Queen has no top on, and now she’s tugging at her bikini bottoms too. Those strings were made for pulling.

Marry Queen Fully Nude

Marry Queen wonders if we like what we see, standing with a nice wide gap between her legs, showing the curve of her inner thighs.

Marry Queen Ass

Marry Queen oils up her ass, kneeling on a pair of towels by the pool.

Marry Queen Perfect Behind

Marry Queen has a perfect behind, and the soles of her feet are on display here too.

Marry Queen Butt

Marry Queen fingering her ass, with a hand between her butt crack while looking into the camera.

Marry Queen fingering her asshole, with a single finger knuckle deep in her shaved anus.

Marry Queen Spreading

Marry Queen spreading her legs wide so we can see everything she has to offer in her nether regions.

Marry Queen Finger in Butt

Marry Queen has a finger in her butt with a big shiny ring on it, a closeup picture of her finger stuck in her ass.

Visit Young Busty

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Marry Queen Masturbation in Shower at ALS Angels

This Marry Queen masturbation video in the shower makes me think that the porn industry owes some royalties to Johnson and Johnson for their years of stand in work as the best prop and product in porn. Where would we be without king sized bottles of J&J baby oil? After all, girls are always at their sexiest when wet and slippery, and even better if they’re covered in a thin covering of oily goodness.

Wet Naked Body of Marry Queen Masturbating in Shower at ALS Angels

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ ALS Angels : .WMV, 16:49, 970MB, 1920×1080 HD, 10700k

After picking up the bottle of baby oil and pouring it between her tits and down her stomach, she returns to pour a bit more on each of her two tits, and then ditches the bottle to unbusy her hands, as she needs them to rub the oil into her skin. This she does in style, as if she’s been practicing how to be sexy in front of a mirror or something. She’s an expert and this very Marry Queen masturbation scene is pretty much the proof in the pudding.

When she starts to focus on her big pussy, you might just bust your load right there. She’s got some of the fattest outer pussy lips in the business I reckon, and shows that she knows how to use them in this shower masturbation scene.

With the camera near the floor, we watch as Marry Queen rubs her entire body, bends her legs at the knees to get a bit closer to the lens, and leans over to let her titties hang in the balance.

Then it’s a closeup of her little inner vaginal lips, as she pulls her big fatties aside to expose her inner flower. Then the video abruptly ends, too soon!

A very erotic movie from Marry Queen and ALS Angels, a company that knows all about doing shaved pussy videos like this. They’re the masters of the hairless snatch, and have the many years of experience leading the internet in this genre to prove it.

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Teen Marry Queen in Cute Girly Lingerie

Teen Marry Queen is really dressed for success in cute girly lingerie for this scene at Club Seventeen. What I mean to say is that the bra and panties they’ve chosen for her to wear (or perhaps she brought her own clothes and dressed herself?) are perfectly suited for a teen site. What she’s got on really looks like what real teenagers might be wearing, all cute and girly like. Hell, Marry Queen should know herself, as she’s only just a young girl still, barely legal to be making porn at all still.

Her bra and panties have a sort of plaid grey underside, the bra is black on top, and there are pink ribbon highlights that tie in the centre of the brazier and on both of the sides of her adorable little panties.

We can thank Club Seventeen for the use of their photos!

Marry Queen in Bra and Panties

Teen Marry Queen sitting on a bed looking adorably cute in her bra and panties.

Marry Queen Removing Bra

Marry Queen is removing her bra and letting her tits get some much needed air.

Marry Queen Cute Lingerie

Marry Queen lies her tired head into the soft pillow, her body dressed in very cute lingerie.

Marry Queen Girly Teen

Teen Marry Queen looks like a girly teen in this photo set from Club Seventeen, whereas she looks like a grown woman in many others.

Marry Queen Pink Pussy

Marry Queen showing off her big fat pink pussy, with thick outer pussy lips. Her panties are tight around her thighs.

Marry Queen Panties Around Ankles

Marry Queen is almost naked now with her panties around her ankles and her feet held high up in the air.

Marry Queen Touching Herself

Teen Marry Queen closes her eyes as she’s touching herself with two fingers, her skin dotted with goosebumps.

Marry Queen Sucking Dildo

Marry Queen sucking a long pink vibrating dildo, covering her nipples with each hand.

Marry Queen Tanlines

Marry Queen covers up one breast and slides her vibrator into her vagina. Her tanlines are clearly visible on both her abdomen and breasts.

Marry Queen Dildo Sex

Teen Marry Queen has sex with her dildo while using her free hand to spread her ass a little wider for an easy smooth insertion.

Visit Club Seventeen

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Marry Queen Sexy in White Bath Towel

Marry Queen is looking sexy and sumptuous in a white bath towel, with a beautiful clean white modern bathroom to shoot her naked pics in. There’s lots of light, so we get some really nice pictures in various different lighting conditions in different parts of the bathroom. She mostly poses in a sexy white bath towel that looks two sizes too big for her – or just the right size, or waaaay too big depending on who you ask. I don’t mind how big it is, since the lovely Marry Queen is more than happy to let us see what’s underneath anyway.

Simon Scans is the well known photographer behind this shoot, who always has an eye for the pretty girls.

Marry Queen

Marry Queen looking sexy standing in a beautiful clean bathroom wearing nothing but a towel.

Marry Queen White Towel

Marry Queen showing us her womanly curves as she lets her towel slide to the side, revealing her body beneath.

Marry Queen Boobs Together

Marry Queen uses her hands and towel to press her boobs together for that busty look.

Marry Queen Topless

Marry Queen standing topless with the towel now falling around her waist, showing the top of her butt.

Marry Queen Mirror

Marry Queen from behind looking in the mirror, a very artsy photo with her face in focus and her body blurry.

Marry Queen Lifting Breasts

Marry Queen lifting her breasts up and having a look at them from above.

Marry Queen Long Legs

Marry Queen stands on a bit of her tippy toes and eyes her long legs in a full length mirror.

Sexy Marry Queen

What a sexy woman! Look at those hops, absoltely stunning. She’s giving us that “I know I’m hot” face. You go girl.

Marry Queen All Naked

Now here we have Marry Queen and she’s all naked now that the towel has hit the floor. What a body, her curves are unreal.

Visit Simon Scans : 664 Models, 4,163 Photo Sets, 464,472 Images!


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Busty Marry Queen in Red Bra and Panties

Busty Marry Queen is looking big titted as ever in a fancy red bra and  matching panties that don’t spend enough time on her body, as she quickly peels her lingerie off and gets down to business. I especially like the shot of her bending over before she takes off her panties, with both of her tits hanging down between her arms like ripe fruit waiting to be suckled on. Also I like the one where she’s completely naked and has her legs spread, showing us her big hoof of a pussy, with big shaved lips.

This Marry Queen photo set is from Karups PC (or read a review of Karups PC here).

Marry Queen Blonde

Marry Queen is a blonde pornstar with dark roots in this pic, makes you wonder if she’s a natural blonde.

Marry Queen Red Bra

Marry Queen takes off her red bra, letting her big tits get some fresh air and tugging on her bra straps.

Marry Queen Cleavage

Marry Queen bending over on her hands and pressing her big natural busty boobs between her arms.

Marry Queen Panties Around Knees

Marry Queen has her panties around her knees, trying to give herself a reach around.

Marry Queen Nude

Marry Queen sitting fully nude with her legs spread wide open, showing us her big pussy lips and crack.

Marry Queen Big Dildo

Marry Queen touches the tip of a big dildo into her wet pussy opening, you can see the goosebumps on her skin.

Marry Queen Vibrator

Marry Queen toying herself with a vibrator.

Marry Queen Big Tits

Busty Marry Queen fucking herself with a fake dick while pushing her big tits together, eyes closed in enjoyment.

Visit Karups PC

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Marry Queen Blowjob Video at We Like To suck

Any Marry Queen blowjob video would suit me just fine, but especially when it’s from a pure blowjob only site that specializes in nothing but the BJ’s, in this case the website We Like To Suck. We know they won’t just gloss over the dick sucking here, since it’s the only thing they film after all.

I was posting another part of this scene but then decided it should go somewhere else on another blog, and then went ahead and did another for this Marry Queen blog that was further along in the action and actually during the blowjob portion.

A Marry Queen Blowjob She’s Sucking Dick Slowly in an Oral Sex Video from We Like To Suck

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ We Like To Suck : .MP4, 21:35, 1.20GB, 1920×1080 HD, 8000k

Marry Queen shows us her tender slow cock licking and sucking techniques, starting at the base of his dick near the balls and slowly licking her way upwards towards the tip. She kisses his stomache a few times and then moves back down for a full shaft long lick once again. Then her hand takes him between her fives fingers and she begins working her way up and down again, as he holds her big mane of blonde hair away from her face for her enjoyment and ours.

Her cleavage is then applies to his dick as she moves her body upwards against his chest, so that his curved hard cock is nestled between her naturally busty tits.

This young blonde Euro girl really knows how to slowly suck a dick. I’m loving this Marry Queen blowjob video and hope that all her other videos are much like this when it comes time to go down on a guy and take him into her mouth. She does things really slowly, kissing the cock with a special soft touch that’s not often seen, especially in younger porn starlets like herself who are often too excited and worried about playing up their super sexual nature, forgetting to take their time and slowly work their craft for her always attentive audience.

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Marry Queen Naked and Wet in Bath Tub by Joymii

Marry Queen naked looking as blonde as ever, in a white bath tub that looks so modern it might just be from the future itself. One thing the bath is low on is water, which is kind of strange but adds to the artsy fartsy feel of the scene. Rather than having her completely covered in water and soap suds, Marry Queen is just simply naked with a few inches of water for effect.

Her hair isn’t even wet to begin with, which is a shame as far as I’m concerned. I like ‘em wet, I does. But oh when she does get it wet, there’s some awesome pics of her head partially submerged underwater with her hair in a near weightless state that look great.

High res photos courtesy of Joymii (review of Joymii), the sister site of Femjoy (review of Femjoy).

Marry Queen Naked

Marry Queen naked in a bath tub filled with just a few scant inches of clean clear water.

Marry Queen Legs Closed

Marry Queen legs closed hiding the jewel of a pussy she keeps between her wet thighs.

Marry Queen Full Frontal Nudity

Marry Queen in a picture that shows off her full frontal nudity, with her feet arched and toes pointed.

Marry Queen Breasts Apart

Marry Queen sits with her arms behind her, her breasts being pulled apart gently by gravity.

Marry Queen Cold Stare

Marry Queen gives us the cold stare, but she’s completely nude so we’ll take what we can get.

Marry Queen Ass

Marry Queen holds her ass high in the air and submerges her hands in the bath water.

Marry Queen Cleavage

Marry Queen gives us a great shot of her cleavage, pressed together with her nipples pointing outwards, ass clenched.

Marry Queen Underwater

Marry Queen naked laying in a small pool of water within a modem bath tub, her hair underwater.

Marry Queen Hair and Boobs

Marry Queen hair, boobs and a worried look define this beautiful photo. Love her belly button in this one too.

Marry Queen Soaking Wet

Marry Queen soaking wet with water covering her whole head, blonde hair and body. She’s cupping her pussy in one hand.

Marry Queen Biting Lip

Marry Queen bites her bottom lip and touches herself, trying to get the waterfall from the bathtub to hit her clit.

Marry Queen On All Fours

Marry Queen is naked on all fours reaching underneath to toy with her pussy with her fingers. A nice shot of the soles of her feet too.

Marry Queen Dildo Insertion

Marry Queen inserts a dildo into her pussy and holds her bosoms in her arm.

Marry Queen Dildo Between Tits

Marry Queen stars into the camera with a glass beaded dildo between her tits as if she was getting titty fucked with it.

Marry Queen Pussy

Marry Queen lets water fall onto her clit as she stuffs the glass dildo in and out of her pussyhole.

Marry Queen Legs

A fine view of the long legs of Marry Queen naked, lying out full length on her side in a bathtub.

Visit Joymii

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Introduction to Marry Queen a Blonde Pornstar

Marry Queen is a porn star from the Czech Republic who has a classic blue eyed and blonde young teen look, more Scandinavian looking than Czech. She has a very cute aura about her, complete with light freckles on her cheeks and nose.

I was surprised how much content is out there for this girl already, in about 2.5 years since her Marry Queen’s first adult scenes were released in late 2009. It didn’t take her very long to go full hardcore, and has anal sex on camera with a regularity now. She started in the business at the age of 19.

There are a few special things about Marry Queen that make her a really rare treat. First, she has that cute freckled teen look, very sexy. Then, she has very small inner pussy lips, they’re almost not there. Very unique, and small pussy fetish fans will be instantly infatuated with this blonde Czech pornstar. Finally, she has beautiful natural D cups. What more could we wish for?

Wish I could find out more for a more complete bio, but this short non biography will have to suffice, as there’s no interviews I could find of her. Maybe she doesn’t speak English perhaps. Keep an eye out, and let me know if you find any!


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Marry Queen

Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Measurements: 36D-26-37
Country: Czech Republic
Birthday: Oct 20, 1991
Implants: No
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Special Features: Blue Eyes, Freckles, Small Inner Pussy Lips


Marry Queen is a blonde haired and blue eyed pornstar from the Czech Republic whose busty self bust onto the scene in late 2009 and early 2010. Since then she's appeared on many big networks, and is known for her anal scenes. She has very small inner pussy lips, making for a very minimal pussy look, and signature freckles on her cheeks. Enjoy our video blog dedicated to sexy blonde porn star Marry Queen!

Action Level

+ Fully Nude
+ Masturbation
+ Girl / Girl
+ Handjobs
+ Blowjobs
+ Hardcore Sex
+ Anal Sex
- DP
- Extreme

About Marry